What I learned about my body and self on the road to being able to dive 100 meters on a single breath.

  • What is Freediving and how can it help people to cope with everyday life
  • Successes and failures on my road to 100 meters
  • Focus – what helps me to achieve it
  • Hints how to find out whether you have a problem with chronic stress – chronic stress as a brain fog, immunosuppressant, weight gainer and muscle eater
  • Identify your tigers, fight them or run away from them
  • Tips for better rest and faster regeneration (sleep, diet, exercise)
  • How to mitigate future health problems that office life throws at us
  • How to breathe better. How to use breath to relax and in handling stressful situations
  • Positive health and mental effects of breath hold and freediving – how holding your breath help to find work-life balance and health miracles of vagal stimulation
  • Tigers, hunger, and ice – acute stress of primal challenges we need to be healthy and happy
  • Keep it safe