We, modern people suffer. Chronic stress slowly eats us alive. We have a tendency to imagine threat out of every banality. Complex settings of city dwellers and endless stimulation of crowds of strangers living side by side offer endless opportunities to worry. Money, career, power struggle, family life. To live with unresolved stressors is like being closed with a tiger in a cage for years. Freediving and its lessons may help. Holding your breath teaches you how to stay calm and rational even in life threatening situations, when your mind is panicking. It brings about life reckoning before you really close your eyes on a deathbed. What is important is suddenly much clearer. And you become healthier on the way. For more information, please contact us: freediving @


Freediving Lessons for Healthy Everyday Life

What I learned about my body and self on the road to being able to dive 100 meters on a single breath.
  • What is Freediving and how can it help people to cope with everyday life
  • Successes and failures on my road to 100 meters
  • Focus – what helps me to achieve it
  • Hints how to find out whether you have a problem with chronic stress - chronic stress as a brain fog, immunosuppressant, weight gainer and muscle eater
  • Identify your tigers, fight them or run away from them
  • Tips for better rest and faster regeneration (sleep, diet, exercise)
  • How to mitigate future health problems that office life throws at us
  • How to breathe better. How to use breath to relax and in handling stressful situations
  • Positive health and mental effects of breath hold and freediving - how holding your breath help to find work-life balance and health miracles of vagal stimulation
  • Tigers, hunger, and ice - acute stress of primal challenges we need to be healthy and happy
  • Keep it safe


Breathing Workshop

Talk expanded with dry breathing exercises focused on improved breathing, stress reduction, controlled relaxation, and mindfulness.
  • Relaxation techniques and breathing exercises
  • Visualization and Mindfulness
  • Learning the proper breath by stopping breathing


Coaching, Mentoring

Advanced Freediving Techniques, Spearfishing, Finswimming


Juraj Karpiš

  • Born in 1978
  • Slovak Champion in Swimming 1986 - 1992
  • 1993 Scuba Divining Licence CMAS *
  • 1995 2nd and 3rd place at Junior World Championships in Finswimming
  • 1997 Scuba Divining Licence CMAS **
  • In 2000 Juraj found out, that the performance snorkeling he loved doing from childhood on has a name – Freediving and that he can compete in it. He was wondering if he ever could dive to 100 meters on a single breath (world record at that time was 86 meters)
  • 2002 – Won the first Slovak freediving competition in 2002 Atlantic Apnoe Cup in Zvolen
  • 2003 became a member of Slovakia Freedive Team
  • 2005 6th place at The First Individual World Championships in Freediving, Villefranche France in the discipline Constant Weight with Fins
  • 2007 5th place at World Championships in Freediving Sharm el Sheik, Egypt in Constant Weight with Fins. Reached -97 meters - the 5th deepest men performance in the world of that year
  • 2008 – Dove for the first time to 100 meters on a single breath. Did his personal best in Constant Weight - 103 m
  • In 2006 Juraj Karpis founded Slovak Freediving Association with the goal of promoting safe Freediving practices in Slovakia
  • When not in water he studies social sciences and give talks on the economy and money
  • Juraj Karpis is an author of financial crisis guide Bad Money that became a bestseller in Slovakia
  • He regularly writes articles and comment on economic issues for Slovak and foreign media
  • In 2011  Juraj Karpis was awarded the title Person of the year title by Slovak weekly magazine .týždeň for his educational role in explaining financial and economic crises to Slovak public
  • He has three children

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